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SKIN SYRUP | Live Balance

is made selectively from 100% natural ingredients, our product has been designed 

with a pure botanic formula suitable for all skin types.

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Hair & Scalp Hair & Scalp →

A product for hair and scalp treatment that will restore balance and detoxify your hair and scalp with natural extracts from various herbs in Thailand and ancient herbs in China. No chemicals, SLS, Paraben or Silicone that can harm your hair and scalp is used in this product.

Body care Body care →

A product for body. Pamper your body from head to toe with herbs and natural extracts. No color addition or chemicals such as SLS is used in this product. It is extremely gentle and there are different formulas to suit every skin type.

Facial care Facial care →

A product for face. This is a product with herbs and natural extracts that will restore balance, strengthen as well as brighten your facial skin and lips once again after a long use of any product with chemicals.


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อันตรายจาก PM 2.5 ซึมเข้าสู่ผิว

จัดส่งฟรี Kerry Express สเปรย์ป้องกันฝุ่น PM2.5 ทุกออเดอร์ NO MORE ALLERGY INVISIBLE MASK SPRAY PM2.5 Protection ผ่านการทดสอบทางวิทยาศาสตร์แล้วว่า สามารถปกป้องและฟื้นฟูผิวจากฝุ่นละอองเล็ก ขนาด PM 2.5 ทำหน้าที่ 2 ระดับ ปกป้องคุ้มกันผิวเสมือนฟิล์ม (barrier film protects)


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