Travel SET B – Hair care & shower gel (S)


This set includes
  • Restore shampoo 100ml 1 pc
  • Restore conditioner 100ml 1 pc
  • Shower gel (Activate, Calm or Revive 100ml) 1 pc
>>> Calm Shower Gel 
Packed with ingredients of aloe vera and cucumber. these botanical ingredients 
deliver relieving and reviving hydration to all thirsty skin.

>>> Renew Shower Gel
Packed with ingredients of turmeric, tamarind and wild honey. This extraordinary rejuvenating system helps to stimulate natural skin cell turnover in 30 days.

>>> Activate Shower Gel
This shower gel is enriched with extracts of ginger, kaffir lime, and orange peel oil in a botanical concentrate to supports skin's natural energy.