Restore hair coat serum


A product for nourishing hair. This light serum will help protect your hair from heat and pollution and restore the hair’s heath and strength. Keeping your hair soft, bouncy, and elastic. The serum helps to close the hair follicles in dry and damaged hair and prevent further split ends, maintaining the softness and smoothness. It also helps repair damaged hair, improve its health, and reduce the appearance of brittle hair and hair breakage. This lightweight serum, formulated without chemicals, does not cause irritation, nor does it feel heavy or sticky, unlike typical hair oils that can cause greasiness. With active ingredients consisting of extracts from light-weight herbs that are closest to human cells, the nourishing serum does not leave hair feeling weighed down.  Created through research, development and production by Thai Traditional Medicine Herbal experts and the R&D team from the SKIN SYRUP Laboratory. 50ML.
Formulated without Sulfate / Parabens / Silicone / Alcohol / Artificial coloring / Mineral oils / And Perfume

Almond oil: helps maintain and moisturize the hair. This key ingredient nourishes the hair, improving softness and elasticity, as well as preventing split ends.

Grape seed oil: prevents heat and pollution from the external environment and helps maintain softness and smoothness, eradicating any problems with dry, frizzy, and brittle hair.

Jojoba oil: With the closest structure to human cells, it helps to repair dry hair, maintain strong hair, as well as prevent dry hair and split ends

Vitamin E: Helps repair damaged hair, strengthens hair roots and improve the health of dry and brittle hair. It nourishes the hair from the inside out, resulting in shiny, healthy hair.

FDA registration no. 10-1-6100012859  

It is recommended to use the serum after shampooing with Restore shampoo and Restore conditioner while hair is still damp. Apply from mid-lengths to ends of hair, focusing on the ends of the hair where it is most damaged to restore the look of smooth shiny hair and  prevent further split ends. The product can also be used on dry hair.

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