Radiance mini set


Radiance facial serum 5ml

Skin care serum with fine consistency. Quickly absorbed into the skin. Made with high concentrate natural extracts.  Deeply nourishing the inner skin layer, restoring skin integrity and balance, revealing radiant, moisturized, and plump skin.

Radiance facial moisturizer 5ml

Nourishing skin care product, rich in natural extracts. Nourish, revitalize and balance the skin, revealing radiance.

  • Kigelia Africana Extract
  • Indian Pomegranate Extract
  • Ginkgo Biloba Extract
  • Licorice Extract
  • Ginseng Extract
  • Chamomile Extract
  • Use regularly every morning and night after cleansing the face with Radiance Facial wash gel for ultimate cleanliness, plumpness, and moisture.
  • Suck the serum up into the tube and apply 3-4 drops directly onto the face and massage onto the entire face and neck area. It is the first step to nourish the inner skin before applying Radiance Facial Moisturizer for naturally healthy and radiant skin.
  • Use after applying Radiance Facial Serum. Suck the moisturizer into the Tube by:
    1. Open the lid and pull the tube out completely.
    2. Squeeze and hold the stopper and submerge the tube into the bottle.
    3. Release the squeeze to suck the product into the tube.
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