No more allergy invisible mask spray


Protects your skin from PM 2.5

Have been demonstrated by Clinical studies of effectiveness and tolerance.

This water re-mineralises the skin, acts like an invisible mask to protect skin from pollution PM 2.5 all day long and improves particales removing from the skin during cleansing. Rebuilding the skin barrier. Better armed, sensitive skins are less reactive and show less redness. Natural sources from only Mediterranean at France.

Formulated without  Sulfate / Parabens / Silicone / Alcohol / Artificial coloring / Mineral oils / And Perfume

  • Preservative free

Everlasting flower : native to the Mediterranean basin. it stimulates the release of a neuro-mediator with relaxing effects: B-endorphin calming effect, then rebuilds the skin barrier.

Earth marine water : is a unique type of water, enriched with minerals, where source is on the island of Noirmoutier, France. It is well-know for remineralising the skin, reducing skin oxidation and protecting it against the damaging effects of external influences and against the inflammation. Pores are reduced immediately. As a result, the skin is detoxified, brighter and has fresh, even skin tone.

Brown algae : concentrate acts like an invisible mask to protect skin from PM 2.5 all day long and removes particles from the skin during cleansing.

Active ingredients are ISO22716 certified and engaged in the EcoVadis evaluation procedure.

Wash your face with Radiance Facial wash gel. Spray on the face to protect PM2.5 Pollution all day long.

*In people with allergic tendencies who have become sensitised to PM2.5 pollutants. Can be used on both the facial and body skin.

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