Extra cure set

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flake free x abracadabra anti- hair fall tonic Extra Cure is designed for treating/to treat dandruff and hair loss, including the causes of dandruff such as irritatingskin, rash and Sebderm. The set heals problematic scalps while allows your hairto shine with volume. Extra cure set is thecombination of FLAKE FREE anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner and ABRACADABRAanti-hair fall tonic. The FLAKE FREE series helps rebalance your scalp andstrengthen hair roots. The series also reduces itchiness, dandruff, and oilinessfrom imbalanced scalps. It detoxifies chemicals that clog the pores and restores sebderm,psoriasis and a fungal infection of a scalp within one set. ABRACADABRA anti-hair falltonic encourages hair growth and strengthens hair roots. It works as if it turnson the switch of hair cycles. It eliminates all causes of hair fall such ashair loss from genetics, postnatal hormones, chemotherapy, and other unknownreasons. Within one set can make you see a clear difference, a healthy scalp immuneto inflammation. Set include
  • Flake Free Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 250ml
  • Flake Free Anti-Dandruff Conditioner 250ml
  • Abracadabra Anti-Hair Fall Tonic


Directions: Use FLAKE FREEshampoo twice to let it thoroughly wash away oiliness. Massage the end of yourhair with FLAKE FREE conditioner and rinse off. Then apply ABRACADABRAanti-hair fall tonic along hair lines and massage all over your scalp (you candivide your scalp into 6 hair lines then apply the tonic along those lines) andblow dry your hair or style your hair as you want.


**For the best result forhair loss, use ABRACADABRA anti-hair fall tonic daily two times a day, in themorning and in the evening, even in the day that you do not wash your hair. Youwill see the clear result within 3 months.