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Protect the skin through the PM 2.5 crisis with no.1 skin care
that the Chinese market has fallen for

During the past 2-3 years, Thailand has encountered a severe PM 2.5 pollution crisis, resulting in public healthcare alertness in the prevention of negative effects of the micro dust. In addition to the dangers of PM 2.5 that affects the respiratory system and acute skin inflammation, its toxicity to the skin is equally worrying.  The micro dust is able to bind to tiny particles of chemicals and metals, which can directly damage the skin cell. Exposure to the micro dust for an extended period  will cause the skin to age faster. Studies conducted in  Germany and China found that exposure to micro dust for an extended period results in symptoms of aging skin, such as  increased dark spots all over the face and wrinkles around the cheek area. Covering your skin completely with clothing can help protect your skin from coming into contact with the PM 2.5 micro dust. But for a tropical country like Thailand, this may not be a very workable solution. Even if you are able to do so, this still leaves your face area unprotected.  

Regarding the secret to protecting the skin from PM 2.5, Chinese women are the number one contender in the fight against toxic dust and pollution due to the long-existing air quality problems in many of China’s cities, a chronic national problem for many decades. This has caused a growth spurt in the pollution-protecting skin care market in the country as modern Chinese women have a growing interest in investing in products that help reduce the effects of toxic dust in all skin care steps. Products with ingredients that work to fight against pollution and soothe the skin deeply is the key to every step of the skin care routine. In the cleansing step,  It is important to rid your skin of all dirt, dust, and grime, while maintaining the natural oils that coat, protect, and moisturize the skin. In the nourishment step, it is necessary to focus on creating a strong skin barrier to prevent foreign objects from destroying internal skin cells. Last but not least, in the protection step, in addition to a sunscreen that protects the skin from UV rays, another indispensable tool that is being utilized by Chinese women is coating the skin with an invisible mask to protect the skin from the micro dust. For this, Chinese women have fallen in love with one Thai brand in particular: Skin Syrup.

NO MORE ALLERGY: Invisible mask spray, a Thai product from the Skin Syrup brand, is a protection that stands out in its ability to help Chinese women protect their skin from PM 2.5. Its popularity within the country grew completely from word of mouth. One famous Chinese beauty blogger says she buys the product every time she comes to Thailand, adding that  “As we all know, there is this micro dust everywhere.  The result is acne, rash, allergic reactions on the skin, visible irritation on the face. Anyone with these symptoms or wanting to prevent these symptoms and take care of the skin must try the NO MORE ALLERGY: Invisible mask spray from Skin Syrup. This spray will protect the skin from micro dust, with the dual purpose of  protecting the skin like a film from the PM 2.5 micro dust without clogging the pores and reducing allergic reactions, irritation and inflammation once absorbed into the skin. Plus, a single application can protect the skin for up to 8 hours. Most importantly, scientific studies have shown that the product is effective in protecting and restoring the skin from exposure to micro dust. After testing the product, the participants can feel that their skin is being protected and that the product is very gentle on the skin. I use this spray all over my face after makeup application. It keeps my makeup locked in and I can confidently go about my day outside of the house all day long.  Not only can it be used on the face, but it is perfect for spraying on the body as well.”


Another Chinese globetrotter also confirms this positive impression of the NO MORE ALLERGY: Invisible mask spray “When I bought it, I really doubted how long it was going to protect my skin. But when I tried spraying it onto my face and arms, I can feel it instantly being absorbed into the skin. I sprayed it on in the morning and even in the evening I could still feel it performing as a barrier on my skin. It can be used both before and after makeup application. Apart from protection from the micro dust, the product also helps reduce allergic reactions, inflammation of the skin, as well as moisturize the skin. The result is clear skin all day and long lasting makeup. With a bottle of NO MORE ALLERGY : Invisible mask spray, I’m always confident that my skin is being taken care of. When you buy a bottle, don’t forget to get some extra for your friends and family!” 

Does NO MORE ALLERGY: Invisible mask spray really protect the skin? What about it has captured the heart of Chinese women? Have to look at the beauty recipe that Skin Syrup has carefully curated. The key active ingredient of NO MORE ALLERGY: Invisible mask spray consists of the extract of the Everlasting flower, a flower that grows on dry, hot sand found only along the Mediterranean sea. It has a special internal structure that helps the skin to immediately relax, reduce allergic reactions, and helps to create a protective barrier to the skin. Earth Marine water, another key ingredient, is a special underground mineral water that rises to the surface only at Noirmoutier island, France. It is packed with a comprehensive blend of minerals, which help balance the mineral components of the skin, neutralize free radicals, expel toxins from the skin, revealing clean and radiant skin with even and smooth skin tone.  Finally, brown algae seaweed extract, a new innovation that truly enhances skin protection from PM 2.5 pollution, helps restore the skin, enabling the enzymes in the body to function at full efficiency. It acts as a protective barrier, but does not clog the pores. It can also be washed off easily. To protect the skin from the PM 2.5 micro dust, this key ingredient works like an invisible mask and helps to reduce the apprehension of dust on the skin. During the cleansing process, it helps remove dust and grime much more effectively. With these active ingredients, NO MORE ALLERGY: Invisible mask spray has been scientifically tested and proven to protect and revitalize the skin from the PM 2.5 micro dust. It is a woman’s secret weapon.  Nowadays, pollution has become an inevitable threat to the skin. Therefore, creating a protective barrier for the skin is another crucial step before stepping out of the house. This step should never be overlooked.  

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